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Mireia Carbonell


Mireia is a bass player and music teacher (1:1 electric bass guitar tutor and supply music teacher on secondary schools).


As a session player she performed with the musical show Millennials at MTFest, Turbine Theatre and festivals like Wilderness Festival, London Eid Festival, The British Academy Summer Showcase 2019, Africa Oyé, Journeys Festival, 15 th London African Music Festival, The big Feastival, Rising sounds Festival, Village Beach Festival, Green Village Festival for artists like Mim Suleiman,Nelson & Friends, Koroleko, Malunga and Berber Difusion.


Mireia just finished the recording of her first album with my band Periscopi Invertit and she is looking for possible ways to fund the mastering and promotion of it. The first Periscopi Invertit single “El Poder del Cant” was released on Sept 2021.


Apart from her own band, Mireia currently performs with the afrobeat band Koroleko, Motown Gold function band as a dep player and, before the pandemic, she was regularly performing with a flamenco trio at La Fabrica restaurant till March 20 and doing some other restaurant gigs with the funk/jazz trio MCM. 


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